Current Areas of Interest

My recent writing engages:

1)    Theories of accumulation by dispossession (especially in postcolonial cities)
2)    Feminist geographies of difference (including social reproduction, intersectionality and feminist geopolitics)
3)    New state-spaces and state formation processes (including the role of social movements, NGOs and other political mobilizations)
4)    Urban environmental politics and political ecology


“The Politics of the Evicted: Redevelopment, Subjectivity and Difference in Mumbai’s Slum Frontier” in  Antipode 45(3) 2013 [PDF]

[A video abstract of my recent paper in Antipode is available on the Antipode Foundation website]

“Domesticated Dispossessions: Towards a Transnational Feminist Geopolitics of Development” in Geopolitics (co-authored with
J. Casolo – accepted and forthcoming)

“Imperial Water, Urban Crisis: A Political Ecology of Colonial State Formation in Bombay, 1850- 1890” in Review: Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center (accepted and forthcoming)

“The Redevelopmental State: Governing Accumulation and Dispossession in Mumbai” in preparation for submission to International Journal of Urban and Regional Research


“The Politics of Persuasion: Gendered Slum Citizenship in Neoliberal Mumbai” in Urban India: Emerging Citizenships and Contested Spaces, eds. R. Desai and R. Sanyal, Sage, 2012 [PDF]

“Resettlement Ecologies: Space, Citizenship and Difference in Mumbai” in Ecologies of Urbanism in India, ed. A. Rademacher and K. Sivaramakrishnan, Hong Kong University Press, 2013 [PDF]